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Many Irish houses, particularly those built before 1980, are very wasteful of energy, having little or no cavity wall insulation. By retro-filling your walls with Walltite CV100 Cavity Fill, energy savings through a reduction in fuel and electricity bills of typically 30% can be achieved.

This will result in a payback time of between three and five years.

WALLTITE Airtight Insulation Midlands


What is involved?

The position and operation of any flues through or adjacent to the walls to be filled are noted. Gaps are filled in both the inner and outer leafs to prevent entry of foam insulation into the building. 12mm holes are drilled through mortar joints if possible following a specified drill pattern with holes typically drilled 650mm horizontally and 450mm vertically . The drill pattern is modified around windows, doors ventilators and eaves. When machinery operating conditions have been established the FoamMaster will produce samples for quality control purposes and will check for the required level of reactivity and cell structure.

Injection of the WALLTITE liquid commences on a horizontal front ensuring that no holes are missed by placing indicator sticks in each injection point. The liquid foam slowly reacts within the cavity to form a closed cell, water resistant polyurethane insulation. Wel work in “bands” around the building until from ground floor level upwards. Upon completion all drill holes will be made good to match the existing wall finish as closely as possible. A free cavity of 25mm should be available over the entire area to be filled. Cavities in excess of 100mm can be filled by modifying the drill pattern to bring the injection holes closer together.

Insulate your home

Attic Insulation

According to the results of SEAI research, each existing home owner can save further up to 20% on heating costs if the household had the attic insulation installed. Warm n’ Cosy Homes offers an efficient and cost-effective range of solution for attic insulation.

Foam Insulation

Warm n’ Cosy Homes offers a leading spray foam insulation system FOAM-LOK FL500. Its provides a cost effective fully breathable insulation solution.

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