Atlas External Insulation

The External Wall Insulation is one of the most effective ways of insulating outside walls of a house. It is a layer of polystyrene blocks attached to the outer side of external walls and then covered with a special type of finishing plaster (render). It has double purpose: first – it insulates your walls ensuring [...]

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Eco-friendly and efficient Supernova Silver

Supernova Silver is a environmental friendly cavity wall insulation system and we use it for couple of years now. It is NSAI approved and certified (cert number 09/0337) to be used in Ireland. This means that our cavity wall insulation meets the environmental, health and safety and quality specification required by the Government. Supernova Silver [...]

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Attic Insulation

The Attic is that part of a house where the most of heat loss occurs. Since the warm air has lower density than cold air – it is lighter. That is why warm air gathers in the top parts of a room. When you heating up your home a natural air circulation occurs. The air [...]

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Cavity Wall Insulation

Since 1920-ties almost every house in Ireland is built using double wall technology with air gap called cavity between them. It is a common system used still today.However many of these households are suffering from inadequate or insufficient insulation. Luckily there is a solution to that problem and Warm n’ Cosy Homes is here to [...]

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Welcome to Warm n’ Cosy Homes!

Welcome to Our new website! Warm n’ Cosy Homes are a leading Roscommon home insulation contractors with years of experience in the sector. We have made countless insulation jobs over the long time we are in business. There is no insulation need that we cannot meet. We insulate both new and existing house holds. Our [...]

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