Attic Insulation

When air gets warmer its getting lighter and that is why hot air resides on top of the room. And if your ceiling, attic or roof are not insulated, that’s where the heat loss occurs. That on its own is a good reason to consider attic insulation. But there are more reasons to opt for it.

Regardless of whether you wish to insulate only the ceiling or you wish to insulate both – ceiling and roof rafters making it complete attic insulation system – you might consider installing Rockwool products available in our range. As a complete attic insulation solution Rockwool is a very effective, eco-friendly and efficient response to heat loss at top parts of the buildings.

Rockwool RockPrime is a mechanically installed blown loft granulate that offers quicker installation than roll and causes minimum disturbance. Unlike other loft insulation products, it also minimises thermal bridging.

Our attic insulation is created from naturally occurring volcanic diabase rock with the ore smelted and spun into fibres to create a wide range of insulation materials, ranging from loft insulation rolls to impact-resistant roofing boards.

It is also bonded to produce high performance panels.

Attic Insulation with Rockwool

Attic InsulationOur attic insulation provides a four-in-one insulation solution, providing high grade thermal insulation, noise insulation, non-combustible and strong environmental credentials. This year alone, the insulation products produced by Rockwool will save more than 200 million tonnes of CO2.
Attic insulation supplied by us is also completely recyclable and can be re-smelted and spun into new stone wool insulation rolls and panels.

Relying on entrapped air for its thermal properties, the attic insulation provided by us does not contain gases that have Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP) or Global Warming Potential (GWP). Rockwool therefore complies with the modest threshold of GWP<5 included in documents such as the Code for Sustainable Homes. Our attic insulation achieves an A1 classification in accordance with BS EN 13501-1 and is therefore non-flammable as defined in Irish building regulations. Blown Loft Insulation is a durable material and when installed, it will not be affected by normal ventilation and will remain an effective insulation for the lifetime of the building.

Because of its density, it will not suffer from wind displacement via air movement. Blown Loft Insulation is a completely inert material and does not encourage the growth of fungi, moulds and bacteria.

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